The Sanctuary

At an altitude of 4,087 feet (1,246 m.) built directly into the rock, stands the Sanctuary of Bellmunt on the same place where, long ago, stood the fortress Castle of Sa Raganyada. From this privileged overlook can be seen what is now known as The Plain of Vic, The Pyrenees, The Valley of Ges and The Bisaura… On a clear day we can even see the mountain of Montserrat. It is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive vantage points of the Osona region, and of Catalonia as well.

People’s love for this spot and for the small icon that represents it, the Virgin of Bellmunt, has made possible to remain accessible and to be currently very well preserved. The Bellmunt Friends’ Association has always been of capital importance due to its activity and commitment to caring for and maintaining the sanctuary.

A scenic, cultural and spiritual wonder awaits you.

Chapel in the sky

The original hermitage dates from the 13th century and was originally a single nave with a small chapel housing the small polychrome alabaster figure that represents the Virgin of Bellmunt. Later on, two side naves were added to reinforce the structure that we are familiar with today.

The Temple can be visited from Thursday to Sunday and mass is held on the first Sunday of each month. The Aplec of Bellmunt is celebrated on Easter Monday. It is a much anticipated religious and secular festival that, year after year, brings together a great number of local residents at the foot of the sanctuary.

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